Wine refractometer


Optical portable wine refractometer.

Measures the sugars of wine, must, fruit, juices, etc.

Works only in daylight with a few drops of the sample, is absolutely accurate and suitable for professional use
It has a hard case for protection and transport. Using the instrument is simple.

First, the surfaces of the prism and the cover are washed with distilled water, and carefully wiped with a special absorbent paper. Cleaning is done after each use of the instrument.

Before the measurement, or from a series of measurements, the instrument is adjusted, carefully placed, so as not to injure the glass surface, one or two drops of distilled water, temperature 20 ° C, on the surface of the prism. The instrument is directed to a light source (the observer opposite the light), which illuminates the graded scale, so that the field of view must look like the figure, that is, the line separating the light from the dark field coincides with the subdivision 0 of the scale. If it does not match, turn the adjusting screw E until the match is achieved.

After adjustment, one or two drops of must are placed in the same way on the surface of the prism and the field of view in the light is observed. The number of the scale corresponding to the dividing line gives us the percentage of musts in sugars, e.g., in the figure, the number 23, corresponding to the dividing line, corresponds to a must with a sugar content of 23%. The indications of the instrument, give the percentage of sugar in the must, or only the refractive index of the liquid, so the sugar content is calculated with the help of tables.

When the measured must has a temperature higher or lower than 20 ° C, the result is corrected by adding or subtracting 0.2% every three degrees difference. The portable sugar refractometer is widely used in practice, e.g. in the monitoring of the maturation process in the vineyards, due to the simple handling and the minimum amount of must required for the determination.

However, this minimum amount must come from a larger amount of must, as representative as possible of the average maturity of the vineyard.

The determination of sugars with the sugar refractometer is not suitable for dessert wines, due to the alteration of the result by the contained alcohol.

Brix: 0-40%
Baume: 0-22
Vol 0-25%

Brix: ±0.2 %
Baume: ±0.2
Vol ±0.2 %

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