Moustoli Lozenges No. 1 & 2


Moustoli No. 1 & 2 lozenges are the best composition for making wines.
Their composition is based on international regulations on permitted substances in winemaking.
With the addition of lozenge No. 1 before the fermentation begins, the must is sterilized and the yeast is sorted, leaving the most efficient one to grow.
The addition of lozenge No. 2 offers the food that yeast needs.


One lozenge Moustoli No 1 and one Moustoli No 2 per 100 kg of must.
Powder the corresponding lozenges Moustoli No 1 and you will mix them with 500 ml of water.
Then add the solution to the must and mix spinning.
After 3 hours you will use the lozenges Moustoli No 2, after you make them powder and also mix them with 500 ml of water, throwing them in the must while stirring.
The package contains 5 lozenges Moustoli No 1 and 5 lozenges Moustoli No 2. MOUSTOLI No 1:

Potassium metasulfite 82%
Tannins 12%
Bentonite 6%
Contains about 10gr SO3.
Weight of each lozenge 24 grams. MOUSTOLI No 2

Ammonium phosphates 78%
Alcohol tannins 12%
Ammonium sulfate 5%
Neutral inerts 5%
Weight of each lozenge 19 grams.

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