Wooden Oak Barrels




The preparation of a new barrel is done by filling it with cold water which we change every day. This procedure is recommended to be done two to three times.

Then, after making sure that the barrel is tight (ie no leakage occurs), we empty it and let it drain well, with the hole of the barrel towards the ground.

If the barrel shows a leak, let it dry for 6-8 hours and repeat the above procedure. Finally, fill the barrel with wine.

After the wine is finished from the barrel, we rinse it immediately with hot water and let it dry with the hole of the barrel towards the ground. Then it is good to sulfur the barrel and keep it in a shady and airtight place until it is reused.

Once it is reused, check the barrel wreaths and repeat the preparation process. A few hours before the must or the wine enters, it is good for the barrel to be sulfurized again.

By following the above instructions it is certain that you will keep your barrel in good condition for a long time.

Remember that in order to achieve a good wine, your constant care and passion are essential.

Finally we wish you good luck and we are always at your disposal for anything you need about your barrel.

The 10.20 and 30 liter barrels are accompanied by a base and a tap. All barrels have a tap.

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