Shoulder Pressure Grasher Sprayer 5L


GRASHER shoulder pre-pressure sprayer with a capacity of 5 liters, ideal for agricultural and home use. It works after we have raised and lowered the lever, creating internal pressure.
Procedure of use
The 5lt GRASHER shoulder sprayer for the spraying process requires:
1. Fill with spray liquid.
2. Trombone for pumping fluid.
3. Press the trigger for spraying.
4. Bleeding after the end of the spraying process.
It has:
1. Adjustable spray nozzle.
2. Safety valve
3. Large funnel-shaped opening for easy filling
4. Support straps
5. It is cleaned easily and quickly, while by pressing the special safety valve on the lid, it is automatically decompressed.
1. Useful capacity: 5lt
2. Operating pressure: 2.5 bar (max)
3. Weight: 0.9kg
4. Dimensions: 55 x19 Ø cm

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